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Enter the world of a damaged girl
Beauty with a scarred sexual psyche
Sworn off vanilla sex, gotta make it hurt
But no acts involving another's member
Extensive, erotic catalogue
At the age of nine, her innocence lost
By her uncle and a lubed up permanent marker
Inanimacy, it's all fine and dandy
Fucked with anything handy

Thrust her with anything brusquely to make her cum
In order to get off, she requires a lot of pain

Blood-soaked penetration
Violent, to make her feel something
Stretching her out and pounding her hard
With a rolling pin missing the top handle
She gushed all over when I removed it from her and Stabbed her crotch with a garden trowel

She begged for more!

Grab the broom and break the handle
Punch it in and twist around
Splinters catch her insides and they tangle up
When I remove the handle, innards follow
She cums
All the while
Bleeding out




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Festerfuck Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Festerfuck was goofy, deathgrindwhatever from the bowels of Wisconsin land. Shat into existence in 2008, we are a prime example of why people with bent dicks, no money and a steady .24 BAC shouldn’t be allowed to touch expensive instruments.

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