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Feculent violence with a ball peen hammer
Started small with diapers but then I eventually work my strength up to a ten pound crap maul, feverishly pummeling the shit out of unwitting occupied port-a-potties

Green plastic shatters
Cutting into Bill the painter
With my manure coated malus
I knock half his face off

Thrashed to a pulp
Hammer smashed faeces
Smashed into jelly
Mixed with sun-cooked sludge
Baptized in rancid waste, viscera and toilet paper
Clobbered into scraps and resting in excrement
My hands and face are covered in dookie

Sometimes I like to stick my face in a big ass puddle of human muck and drown myself completely in it until I black out and blow bubbles;
Waking up odoriferous and confused




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Festerfuck Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Festerfuck was goofy, deathgrindwhatever from the bowels of Wisconsin land. Shat into existence in 2008, we are a prime example of why people with bent dicks, no money and a steady .24 BAC shouldn’t be allowed to touch expensive instruments.

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