Just A Trench Coat Full Of Lollies

from by Festerfuck

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Chevy Astro Van with baby blankets used as curtains
Prowling around swing sets, malls and kindergartens
A leather duster, his cock, and a pocket full of Hershey's
See no grass on the field? Play ball.
Satiating his lust with ages 3 to 7
Preferably male with blonde hair and green eyes
Prey on the young, screams and fearful tears
Internal bleeding from heinous anal trauma

Biting as he thrusts
Horn-rimmed glasses fogged
Corporal ass fuck
Gagged with his sock
Find it hard to breathe?
Fatal penknife stabbing

Saw off the head!
Twelve little pieces!
Bagged up nicely!
And thrown in the river!

Cutting out the sphincter and chunk of large intestine
Slather it in Vaseline and use it as a fief
Nose-full of underwear, fondling himself tenderly
Cleaning off a soiled cock with a box of baby wipes


Drivin' himself home
He hoses the van out
He gets ready for work
A gruelling day of door to door
Selling carpet cleaners and steak knives!




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Festerfuck Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Festerfuck was goofy, deathgrindwhatever from the bowels of Wisconsin land. Shat into existence in 2008, we are a prime example of why people with bent dicks, no money and a steady .24 BAC shouldn’t be allowed to touch expensive instruments.

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