Uncontrolled Spew Of Undigested Food & Half​-​metabolized Booze

from by Festerfuck

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Cramping in my stomach
Ulcers in an uproar
Enzymes in my saliva
Try my hardest not to hurl

Staving off the sickness
Gastro-intestinal weakness
With a turkey sandwich
And 12 tall-boys

Lulled into a false sense
Of security and complacency
Temporarily relieving
Inevitable vomiting

The flu, food and some brew
Unsavoury combination
Abdominal contractions
Equilibrium lost/I've started spinning

Upchucking all over Michael's car

Warm wet chunks shoot into my lap
Splattering all over the dashboard
Roll down the window, puke some more
Jet-stream leaves the passenger side covered
Foetid boozy spew all over my face
My jacket and your car now smell like my stomach

*barfing noises*




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Festerfuck Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Festerfuck was goofy, deathgrindwhatever from the bowels of Wisconsin land. Shat into existence in 2008, we are a prime example of why people with bent dicks, no money and a steady .24 BAC shouldn’t be allowed to touch expensive instruments.

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