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Jesus... All you had to do was take a pill!
Now I'm working three jobs... for a family I never wanted!
Sleep... Such a precious commodity
It won't stop fucking crying... I've reached my breaking point!

Grab the old twenty gauge out of the closet, pace in a circle trying to wrap my head around
The fact that I haven't slept in three fucking weeks and my bank account is in the negative
Loading up four shells of double O buckshot, standing at the bawling crib gibbering maniacally
Pump the round home and lay on trigger, feel the gun kick, report shaking the windows
The bastard infant reduced to red wet pulp, two of the shells end up in the head of my bitch wife
Shotgun wedding ends rather ironically, nursery covered in bloody Rorschachs and headparts
The moral of the story is don't trust a bitch, rubberize your dick or get yourself snipped
Covered in gore, I'm left with one shell, it's time to take my hard earned nap in hell!




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Festerfuck Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Festerfuck was goofy, deathgrindwhatever from the bowels of Wisconsin land. Shat into existence in 2008, we are a prime example of why people with bent dicks, no money and a steady .24 BAC shouldn’t be allowed to touch expensive instruments.

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